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"Let the rabbits wear glasses!"

I made carrot soup tonight! Big hugs to C.V. for introducing me to this liquid manna, and for giving me the recipe. I made a huge batch, and substituted skim milk for all the creamy crap, and ate it with salad, and it was yummy and healthy and now I have gallons and gallons of leftover soup so I'll never have to cook again.

Well, this week, anyhow.

And that's about it - just wanted to share my culinary joy with everybody. :P
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"I'd just watch out for that wind, man, cause sometimes when it blows, cats barf."

The Problem:
Week of Constant Headache (tm) + specialist exam stress + annoying sound of high wind rattling tinfoil covering improperly sealed windows = CANNOT FUCKING SLEEP.

The Plan:
dye hair pink + read specialist things for four hours with plastic bag on head = get really sleepy and go back to bed till noon.

So far, today sucks. :(
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"He also says he invented aluminum foil. He's delusional!"

I have a question for you, friends list - especially owlfish, as my resident goat cheese expert/general gourmet, and carmen_sandiego and snowdrifted as my resident homemade pizza experts.

I bought a Chef Boyardee pizza kit - the kind where one adds water to a dry ingredients package to make a crust, then tops it with the included pizza sauce and parmesan cheese. I also have a bit of leftover garlic & herb goat cheese (delicious - thanks for the intro, owlfish!). Can I put the goat cheese on the pizza? Will it achieve a pizza-suitable texture after baking? Will it taste good cooked?

Also (oops - make that 2 questions) where in Dominion would I find artichoke hearts? Are these things that come in cans, or jars, or perhaps in those self-serve deli stands? Help..

In other news, I just got up from a 5-hour nap (or more precisely, a two-hour nap immediately followed by a 3-hour nap) and I feel much better now.

Except now I have to keep marking those &$%#*@ essays. :S
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Stop global warming!

Dude, it's really truly snowing outside! And I get to go all over the place today - lecture, tutorial (last one of the year, yay!), library, chiropractor.

I just wish I was done re-knitting my feathery pink scarf. Then I could wear it and my matching hat today. But oh well - I'll wear my *other* pink scarf and matching hat. (Hmm, for someone who owned no winter accessories two years ago, suddenly I have an awful lot of them...)
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"Hicks, man, you look just like I feel... Mmngh."

I feel better today. Finally.

I've had a headache for most of last week - except for Thursday and Friday, when I had a migraine. But today, right now at least, I feel good. (And I hope it lasts so I can attend the Knitting Mafia Meeting tonight.) I also got my first continuous night's sleep in three or four nights. That felt great.

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I have also been wanting to say something nice about owlfish, who invited me over for games last weekend, fed me delicious pie, loaned me plastic containers to take my leftover takeout supper home in, and most wonderfully of all, let me keep her strange little dorsal-finned lobster keychain for my very own, when I fell head-over-heels in love with him. By the way, I have decided to name him Stanley Herbert Spencer the Lobster, and he now lives on my purse strap. Thank you so much, owlfish!! <3<3

Hmm. Not sure what I'm going to do this afternoon. I need to make my weekly phone call to R. in 5 minutes, and then I suppose I could read academic things, read fun things, knit, or watch a movie. Tough choice, really. I'm sort of trying to take it easy this weekend, partly cause I have felt so shitty for so long, but also because the Marking of Doom starts on Monday, so this will be my last breather before the big end-of-term rush.

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"Who's giving the briefing?" "You are."

To any of you out there who don't already know, I have been invited to sit on a panel at a film launch, tomorrow at 7 pm at the National Film Board of Canada building in Toronto. This film explores one woman's quest to discover her purpose/identity in science, after realizing her dissatisfaction with the answers provided by religion. She interviews several scientists who have worked on/written about the Burgess Shale, a deposit in the B.C. Rockies that contains some of the most exquisitely preserved - and most strange - ancient creatures that have ever been found. I am doing my dissertation on the re-classifications of the Burgess Shale organisms, which is where I come into this picture.

If you are close enough to come to the premiere - and of course if you are interested - everyone is welcome, and it's free. More info here: http://www.nfb.ca/mediatheque/en/december.html (My event is the second one listed.)

I'm kinda nervous. Everyone else on the panel is a Somebody - the director/narrator/star of the film, one of the most important Burgess Shale scientists in the whole world, and assorted other Ph.D.s - and I'm so Not.

At least I found something to wear: I went to Eaton Centre on Monday and bought a pair of dark grey pinstriped dress pants and two black shirts. [Thanks to double0hilly and C.V. for much-needed fashion advice!] I have decided to wear the dressier shirt - it is one of those wraparound looking things, and it looks surprisingly elegant on me. I will also wear a necklace my sister gave me, and my black leatherish jacket, and carry my black leatherish shoulder bag.

My supervisor thinks I should put my hair up, and while I agree that this is a good idea in theory, in practice I think it will be best not to. I never put my hair up because a) I am extremely dolichocephalic (i.e. my head is long and funny-looking), b) it gives me a headache, and c) it will make my hair look all pink instead of partly pink, since all the pink is underneath.

But OMG I just got an email from the organizer dude/fellow panelist informing me that "Each panel member has 5 minutes total to discuss or expand upon topic of their choice". Nice of them to tell us - a whole 25 hours in advance - about this. I guess tonight will be spent figuring out what the hell I want to say. I guess this is a good idea, though. I would rather have the opportunity to say something coherent and hopefully half-intelligent, and then be put on the spot with random questions that I may not be able to answer, than just be put on the spot with random questions and have my answers to those questions be the only way people have to judge my contribution to the panel. So yeah, this is a good thing, I guess.

But, eep.

I think I'm gonna go have some pizza.

[ETA: I just noticed I used the phrase "I guess" three times in four sentences. Here's hoping I don't talk like this tomorrow...]
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"Man, who taught you how to dress??"

Ah, it's so wonderful to be pink again! <3<3

Now, if I could just finalize my specialist list, I'd be pretty darn happy. Tonight's goal: revise external committee member's list and email it to him for approval.

If I have time tonight, I also plan to watch the English-subtitled version of the movie I am helping to launch on Thursday. Question for you, my beloved friends list: When one has been invited to sit on a panel of experts, including a famous director and a famous scientist, at a full-media-coverage premiere and discussion, what does one wear? The very very few grownup clothes I own are clearly summer grownup clothes, so I don't think they will do. I should have time, and possibly enough money, to go shopping tomorrow... but what should I buy? What should I wear?? Help, please!
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"Somebody must really have a burr up his ass to go for a stunt like this!!"

jeffery deaver is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Dude! This quiz is clearly insightful and deeply significant... cause I love Jeffery Deaver! He writes the Lincoln Rhyme series, in a genre that I call forensic fiction. The first one, The Bone Collector, was made into a movie with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. Sweet!

[ETA: Hmm. It's not that magical after all: it just picked Deaver off my 'interests'. Oh well; it's still true, I guess. :P]
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"Good. Cause impressing you is what I LIVE for."

I came across this amazing article while looking for specialist stuff. It was published in 1985, and the author was basically a) explaining how the history of geology had been done to date; b) providing a comprehensive bibliographic survey of history of geology sources to date; c) providing suggestions for future research in the history of geology; and d) arguing that there is real academic merit in exploring the virtually untouched historial expanses of geology (and related fields like paleontology), rather than churning out yet another thesis on yet another footnote on somebody like Darwin or Newton who has already been done to death.

He closed the article with an exhortation to grad students to choose something new and exciting for our dissertation topics. (I wanted to actually quote him here, but either my Adobe Reader text select tool isn't working or I am too stupid to figure it out, and I don't have time to type it in myself cause I am about to go watch Dave Power guest-starring on CSI: Miami - *squee*!)

So anyhow, I loved this article so much that I tracked down the guy's current email and wrote him a gushy fan letter. Is that okay? Is it alright to write to some professor you've never met and tell him you think his article was brilliant and that he really inspired you? Or is that somehow non-professional?

I hope it's okay, cause I just sent it. :S
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"You will sizzle in our frying pan tonight, demon!!"

I was a good girl today. I got up quite early, read most of a specialist list book, had a nap, did my tutorial prep for tomorrow, then finished the specialist book and wrote a summary of it (thanks for suggesting that btw, snowdrifted - I can tell this strategy is going to be invaluable). Then I fixed up one committee member's list and emailed it to him for approval, and also emailed the whole gang about potential specialist exam dates. Oh yeah, and I also organized a bunch of specialist and thesis readings.

You know, this whole actually-doing-my-work thing is great for bringing my guilt and anxiety down to a sort-of manageable level. [Note to self for future reference: when stressed out about work, DO the work to relieve the stress...]

And last night I finished knitting my hat! It turned out really great - especially considering I was too lazy and/or retarded to understand the pattern directions, so I just wung it. I sewed it together while watching Evil Alien Conquerors. Man, I really <3 that movie. It's just so.... bad. And the dialogue is just so... weird:
"So, I thought you guys could practice beheading the entire human race by slaughtering that cow. And then we can carve him into steaks."
"And we will also take his eggs!"

I mean, really, it just doesn't get any better than that...
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